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    Exclamation New around here and looking for some help.

    Hey guys.

    So I'm looking for help. I'm an avid CS major at a good university. I want to learn java and I want to code bots.
    If ANYONE is willing to mentor me via msn or skype and whatnot, please DO NOT HESITATE to respond.

    That is all.

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    I'm happy to help the best of my ability with questions etc. but I doubt anyone will really 'mentor' you. Your best bet is to find some tutorials or eBooks on Java and doing the activities to get you acquainted with a language before even attempting a bot. If you try rushing into Java with the intention to program bots you will most likely end up confused about how things work, having an understanding of the language as a whole will help you in the end.

    If you want my Skype it's in the signature.

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    Welcome to Bot-Supply! Yeah, look for online tutorials and try searching "Java help" or something in the forums where some of the java coders have provided links to the most useful guides. If you need help with specific things then more often than not those who are experienced in java on this site will be glad to help but mentoring is highly unlikely.
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    That's good. I just meant "mentor" in the sense of bot-programming specifically.
    I have a book on Java I'm gonna work through and was going to get some help later on after I've gotten a good understanding of the language.
    However, having a good knowledge of C++ under my belt I feel as though Java shouldn't be too complicated.

    I'm gonna add you on skype Scarecrow.

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    Java should be no problem if you've learned another language. Good luck!

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