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    Cool Hey guys, the name's Mark.

    Hey guys, the name's Mark.

    I am not sure if I am supposed to keep it to botting, but I will talk about myself while you read this, instead of just Puzzle Pirates.

    Hi, my name is Mark, I am 16 -- almost 17 (Next week) and I have many hobbies. These are mainly exercise related, such as bike riding, swimming, going to the gym and some other things. I love to read and write, I read many different stories, Sci-Fi mostly as I like the other worldly types of stories. I write my own; anything that sparks something in my mind I will think about it enough and write things in my mind about it. Eventually, I will get home and write it down on paper or type it up on my computer.

    I have one goal in life and that comes true in 4 months time -- I join the British Army.

    I've wanted to join for roughly 7 years now; it was in junior school when we had an open day, we could talk to officers which were already in the Army and see what it's like from their stories. Ever since then, I have wanted to be in and my dream is finally coming true.

    I like to game, hence why I play Puzzle Pirates; however, I don't like having to do really boring things, and I want to get some PoE to build up my house etc. I also want some awesome stats, to I baught VIP

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    Hi Mark, welcome

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    Welcome Mark

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    I think we have found the perfect customer / forumsmate. Smart, nice, doing sports, (well joining the army is controversial but) goal in life and bought VIP immedeatly!


    //siggy by Poseidon

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    Congrats on the Army Mark.. Welcome to the forum aswell. Stick around and have a laugh with us.. most of us are cool......... MOST.. :P
    Enjoy the bots aswell, easily the best on the market.... PS, Feel free to bug Face about releasing the SF bot at any given chance ..


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