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    When You Mix Poison With The Devil's Cup...

    Ahoy there!

    But what do I see? What is this sight before my very eyes. It cannot be but yet it is! It is a new gaming forum up and ready for action. How exciting!

    You know that however, so hey there! I'm Toxic, lovely to meet you, some of you may know me from a various number of other gaming forums and now I'm here as well because... Well let's be frank I like to get around. For most who know me, I have various different moods. I can warn you of these moods by breaking them into 4 very simple, easy to understand videos which will tell you everything to know.

    Mood 1:

    Mood 2:

    Mood 3:

    Mood 4:

    Interpret as you will. There is a large chance I will, at some point, speak to you in German. This is fine, if it happens just relax, lay back, and don't listen to a word I'm saying. I'm probably learning a German essay.

    I'm also making this my official vouch thread! (Yas!) So now if you ever want to vouch for me you post there (v) and go "This guy is an actual nutter btw but he's still a legend". Or something along those lines...

    Anyway, hope to talk to you all around the place... Or rage at you... Or speak to you in German... Depends when you catch me!
    Love you all <3

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    ohai Mr. Toxic.

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    Eww Britney Spears

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    Toxic i totally introduced you to the nigel thornberry britney spears.

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    He didn't post the video of his being toxic

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