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    Howdy yall,
    First off sorry I type like I talk, and I'm southern but I'm not country howdy is just the way I say hey.
    Anyways the name's Roy, I'm from Tennessee, but I live in Oki that's (Okinawa, Japan) for those of you who don't know what Oki is. I'm 19 bout to be a father, and have alot of responsibilities so I'm trying to enjoy my 2 more months of luxury before I hit Army Boot Camp (yes I is join Army). I love gaming I'm a huge Computer nerd but I hardly know anything more about computers than what I learned in school. I also love running, and cooking the first one helps out alot with the second one cause it keeps me from getting fat off of everything I eat. Uhm Theirs not much more to tell you other than I hope yall treat me like family here, and I'll try my best to do the same.

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    Word of warning, Don't put your name on these Forums, you may get banned from Puzzle Pirates.

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    Thanks i'll remember that : )

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    Welcome to Bot-Supply!

    Enjoy your 2 more months of freedom.

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    Welcome matey

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