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    hey everyone, what's up? new to your forum here, and so far seems pretty cool, thinking of buying a few different bots, and wondering what the best in anyones opinion is to get, i have no idea, and i really want to get into the botting part of the game where, i can just sit and let my bot run and not have to worry about anything else,

    so in real life i enjoy hanging out, going to my local amusement park, going to the movies, the mall, and playing sports, i play football for my school, and i play middle linebacker, i just wanted to say hi to everyone here, and hopefully i am welcomed into your community

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    Welcome to Bot Supply! Poseidon is one of the most stable bots currently, and it gets high ult in bilge.

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    Welcome, and yeah, the bilge bots are amazing, and the gunning bot has got me ulti and number one so its pretty good too

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    Lately, I am much addicted to trident... Getting 2 rows of tokens is amazing...

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