Hi, my name is Andre. I'm from south africa but currently on a year long exchange in brazil. Failing at learning portuguese and all that. During my exchange so far I have found upon myself a TON of free time. So recently I decided to take on Puzzle pirates again. Puzzle pirates has always been my weekness for some reason.

Over all I tend to play most games for a while. But most addictive to me is usually games with no set goal. Minecraft takes first place on my 2011 charts for most time wasted...and still there is so many things I wish to do. I have always craved to play a decent MMO but internet in South Africa is either really expensive or slow. And my slow connection never allowed me to play shooters or other RPG without too much lag.

Other than games, I like doing impulsive things like going to a country for a year where no one speaks any english.