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    Hello there

    My favorite games are Starcraft II, Skyrim , Dota2, Dota, HoN and DMO

    I occasionally read books I like Hunger Games Trilogy read The HUnger Games and Catching fire I somehow read Mockingjay but got too bored so I only read half of it. So Im a competitive gamer just graduated from highschool entered a few local tournaments of Sc2 and Dota but didnt manage to win was only there for the experience etc its really nerve wrecking though awesome experience indeed.

    Im the type of guy who just takes up every sport and play the sport for a few months just for fun then stops for whatever reason.
    Like when I had soccer training did that for 7 months we lost a tournament the heat is killing me and im starting to become a roasted version of an asian.
    that was an annoying team cant believe a guy that wanted to be a goal keeper is afraid of the ball.

    Not really good at speaking english my grammar is really bad though but I still hope its understandable

    I play puzzle pirates from time to time Im one of those persons that tries to escape three rings clutches but after a few months you start to realize how awesome puzzle pirates is then you play it again .

    So I hope im welcome to this community
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