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Thread: Hi Everyone!

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    Hi Everyone!

    My names luke and this is my introduction, i play puzzle pirates and i am an original cobalt pirate! , i have played for many years and i'm not the best, i have ultimate in almost every puzzle so yeah, don't mess around with me, i hope you all enjoyed reading this as i did enjoy typing this haha!, right, i'm off to play again, i wish you all the best of luck when you play puzzle pirates and for your sake i hope you never get put up against me in a challenge, im not saying i will win, but hell i'll go down fighting


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    I'll be sure not to mess with you man! You might beat me up with all those ultimates if I step out of line.

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    Welcome to bot-supply!
    Would you be interested in doing: Ultimate - Alchemistry, Distilling, Weaving, Shipwrightery, Dnav and Rumble for a good sum of money?

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