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    Hi and a few quick questions

    Hi I am new here just joined, but have been a Player on PP for the longest time. I just want o know a few things first. is paypal the only option of payment here ? as I do not have a forex Card. another is that are all the BOTS that are free safe for dark seas? if not then which ones are.
    Much appreciated.

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    i have never cheated or used a bot before, but after the realization that i have been lagging behind the people who do it, i would like to start off right away XD
    would also be interested in buying poe on dark seas and emerald let me know if anyone has stock thats cheap enough around 20USDto 22USD.

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    Welcome to the site!

    I think PayPal is currently the only payment option.
    Free bots are not safe on any ocean as they are heavily distributed and poorly made (and thus been detected). Only our bots ensure safe botting.

    If you are looking for PoE make a thread in the Puzzle Pirates marketplace.

    Enjoy your stay here!
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    Thank you for the quick reply, i will try to figure out how to do payments via paypal in usd sometimes conversion changes a lot of stuff. Will love to buy paid bots too no issues just need them not to fail me.

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