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    Who is 94chackal94

    I am a player since 2004, Cobalt, Viridan and Emerald; one who is frightened by most of the SF players, one who cleaned most top players, and one who got cleaned by top players. Lately I decided to get rid of the latter, being cleaned; and rather sell the poe. You will get to know me, you will like me

    P.S.: I used to bet into "I make 1m poe in 1 hour and you get naughty" bets in Cobalt back in the days.. It was hell of a good time on skype 😂 No I no longer accept that, only $ my dears.

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    Who do you think you are?

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    Hello sf god, even though im not active , im going to offer to be active just for this Add my Skype

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