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    So, because my VIP membership just ran out I need to introduce myself so hey. I'm Faintful, I'm a webdeveloper. I'm a boss at PHP/(x)HTML(5)/CSS(3)/JS(jQuery) and am learning C#/Java also MySQL is ma thing. I like playing Puzzle Pirates. I'm good at poker and I've won millions but lost them too. I like the work that's done here and yeah... nice to meet ye.

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    Welcome! Mind linking an example of a site you built?

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    32 - Jouw dagelijkse behoefte aan columns is actually a Dutch website (I'm Dutch) I build where columnists can post their columns. It's poorly build because that was 2/3 years ago. But.. actually I don't have a lot of anything I build online. I could show you all of the things I did and build but yeah.. I'm active in the Habbo retro scene at the moment and learning C# by emulating Habbo. But I've been designing and working with PHP for years even though I'm 16.

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