Hi everybody my name is joey but just call me mager for me my favorite games would have to be well for one puzzle pirates lol , mw3,mw2 halo wars and i would have to say... sid mires civilization 5. Some hobbies well lets see I like to play basket ball,football chill with my peeps if you could call that a hobby I call it one and i game when i go home at the end of the day and sleep lol. Things I like to do other then gaming well I love to throw parties all the time at my place got the hot tub in the back the pool and the surround sound music blaring so that's always a lot of fun . Well this is my introduction and thanks for reading and to all you guys you guys reading this you should really check out wastedbro's thread on the requirements on what needs to be written and what not needs to be written in your introduction link here -----> http://bot-supply.com/forum/introduc...-punished.html