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    My introduction xd

    Hi, My name is Cody Childress(:
    I love botting, the whole idea of it is amazing. Also, I would love to know where to go to make my own bot(: I have no idea what kind i'd like to make but it would be cool beans to do(:
    I am a hardcore World of Warcraft raider and I play Halo as my console game(:
    I love playing guitar and singing as well.
    BUT recently I've found some bad news, I might have skin cancer)': If anyone knows how serious skin cancer is, please tell me. I'm going to the dermatologist soon to get it checked out:/ I'm pretty scared:/
    But umm, if anyone wants to play games with me, just hit me up on here(: I'll try my best to get on this web site as much as possible to see if anyone wants to Cx

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    Hey! All Cancer is serious but you have a much greater chance of recovery if you spot it early, which you seem to have done so Well done?

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