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Thread: Hey All

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    Hey All

    Looks like a decent amount of people read this, so here's me.

    10+ year YPPer. Banned probably once a year for ban evasion, hopefully 2016-17 is more forgiving under Grey Havens (I also moved, got a new PC and IP). Bit worried that the OMs are the same however (hopefully it's different operators using the same pirates is all).

    I ran the #1 crew in hunter at about 220 players for awhile before getting the banhammer. I put together about 100 people at the start of emerald - only to take the banhammer. Fast forward 2 years, same story different day. And now we're here, in 2016. I'm sick of starting over so I caved and bought a couple bots to get me set up again - and man, am I glad. I got the progress in a week that I would've needed a month for without them. I don't even care for the stats - it's mostly about income for me.

    IRL I work overnight as a security officer, and I'm allowed to use my PC at work. So I hit up YPP a decent amount of time - unfortunately, when no one else is on.

    With that said, I don't think I'll be an avid poster on here. Just seeking support occasionally and awaiting new bots.

    Anyways, that's me.

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    Welcome I'm a 10 year player also.

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    Well, Welcome back Hopefully you wont have the crap luck I had and get banned for botting on your squeaky clean ultimate ban evasion set up!

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    Eventually we will all be banned.

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    Yeah, 8 years player here. First ban.

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