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Thread: It's a garunteed pleasure!

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    It's a garunteed pleasure!

    I know I have been on Bot-Supply for some years now but most of my time here was spent in the shadows just buying VIP. I never really interacted with many people. I have taken many, many, breaks from YPP on and off over the span of those years and now im back again to stay this time until either YPP dies or the forum goes down (God forbid) but I just wanted to tell you guys alittle about myself since I've opened a shop up on the forums.
    My name is Dalton, I'm 20 turning 21 in October later this year. I am currently in college to become an IT Specialist. I graduated highschool in 2014 and I plan to advance my skill set further in Coding languages, GFX design, and Musical Engineering, after I finish my degree in IT. I am also Air Force Reserves (Go Murica') and I love to get to know new people and lend a helping hand anyway possible. I choose to turn the other cheek a lot of the time so you can say im forgiving and I tend to trust people unless they give me a reason not to (This has hurt me in my dealings on here but im working on it) I love Bot-Supply adlnd it's members because they are so helpful and it's not always for the dollar but to lend that helping hand and thats something that entrigues me and keeps me coming back again and again. I just want to thank all of the staff for making and maintaining Bot-Supply and molding this community to what it is today. Feel free to add me on Skype and get to know me you don't have to feel like I only talk to people if it's Buissness, become my friend and lets talk about how much the weather sucks. Anyways im rambling too much and I should probably get back to work and do something Productive. But once again it's nice to meet some of the new people and see some old faces still around. God bless you all and have a wonderful day, week, month, and year!
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    Vouch for me here

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    nice to see you getting involved Dalton =)

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    Gl !

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    Quote Originally Posted by scola55 View Post
    Gl !
    Relevant post as ever.


    Hello Dalton, it's nice to meet you, hope we get a chance to talk or deal in the future, but I mostly live in the shadows lurking the forums (=

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