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Thread: Carp bot intro

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    Carp bot intro

    Sup guys?
    I've seen this bot in action before and not to be rude or anything but it has a few bumps in it.
    One - It take awhile for it to start up after the 30 seconds
    Two - Its only gotten me masterpiece x 3
    Three - It sometimes messes up - putting the wrong piece in a spot.
    Four - It only places 3 - 4 - maybe 5 pieces a minute if i'm lucky!

    One - Amazing speed control
    Two - Able to get me master so far ( Only been using it one day )
    Three - Can go anywhere from extremely slow to amazingly fast
    Four - Easy to use ( Only two buttons and a speed control!!! )
    Five - Amazing anti ban ( Unless you are going un-human like speed )
    I hope this helped guys. Good luck!
    P.S. Can anybody tell me what the auth code is for this and what it does? Thank you!

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    It's supposed to be an introduction about yourself not the bot...

    Either way, welcome.

    "It has quite a few bumps in it"

    It's a 100% completely free carpentry bot. Really shouldn't be complaining at all. If you want less bugs and all around better performance buy KoW 2.0
    Need to get in Contact with me?

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