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Thread: He returns!

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    Cool He returns!

    Whats happening guys and gals!..

    So some of you may already know me, I go by the name adzybee (adzy for short),
    If you already know me then it will most probably be from another POE related website which i'm unsure whether or not I am aloud to speak of it's name

    I have a big background in gaming with both PC and Console.
    My claim to fame when I was last active on forum websites was a Prestige Service shop for all of the Call Of Duty games which as it happens made me a lot of pocket money for the age I was then. Happy Days.

    After being active from forum websites doing my online trolling thing, I found myself living in Germany for 3 years working my ass off.
    Now i've returned to home soil that is the UK I deemed it a decent idea to check out old roots and see how these forums have changed since ive been in-active.

    Just a small spiel about myself, wanna know anymore then just ask.. I'm a nice guy

    peace x

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    You should really check out BuyPoe, they're super active Kappa
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    Need to get in Contact with me?

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