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    Cool My Introduction! Hello~

    My name is iCrazi as you can read but I go by 3 different names from time to time.
    My names are iMakeItStorm, iMakeItCold, and yes of course iCrazi.

    If you have met any other iMakeIts they are not me. I know 3 other iMakeIts and we all decided our names a few years back.

    Well anyway back to the introduction
    My interest~
    Soccer, Graphic Design, Computer Repair and Networking
    My goal
    To get a career somewhere in the computer repair line.

    What I like to do on my free time is either read or play pp.

    Thanks for reading~
    Sincerely iCrazi, iMakeItStorm, iMakeItCold

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    Welcome to the site!

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