Now these are the main points you will need to think about when your starting or looking to get more serious with your channel and it to thrive.

  • Channelname
  • Title
  • The tags
  • The description you put in your video
  • The thumbnail image (not what youtube ranks but I'll explain later)
  • Views
  • Likes/flags
  • Comments
  • Community
  • The video content itself

First off you'll want to start with your channelname this is EXTREMELY important as it will be plastered over every video your page etc etc , Choose a name that's re-lated to what your videos are going to be about. if this is impossible choose a professional sounding name. E.G video for buypoe , your a mod so buypoemod is a good logical choice.

Now to start with the title the KEY thing is "niche", if you're marketing something that's already been done try altering the title slightly. With youtube its all about new unique content and it will pick up on this . Try not to choose a title that has been repeated 1000's of times because you just wont get ranked that way. As Davee stated using BOLD text to grab peoples attention generates more views , more views = faster ranking. Now this applies for every bit of text on your channel make sure you use correct punctuation and grammar . The content is viewed all over the world if you cannot write in your own language, The chances are someone from the other side of the world wont understand it either.

Once you have your title sorted out your going to want to work on what "Tags" , To associate with your video in order for youtube to recognize what your video is about and what people search for. In this case when it comes to tags the more the merrier , you'll want your video to come up in the search results even if it is vaguely related to that genre.
E.G a video for buypoe , you'll want these tags (Buypoe , buy poe , dub , doubloon , ypp , guides , bots) and so on you get the point. Once you've done that , Are their any words in your title that are not already in your tags . Youtube will pick up on the fact your title , tags and description are all related to that subject, Therefore if you match them your more likely to go up in the ratings.

This is one of the most important factors in your video and alot of people overlook this , When people come on youtube to watch a guide get some tips etc. They wont be able to take-in all of the information straight away if the video is 5mins+. they will want to reference back to a description or summary of some kind . If you have a quality description it should use proper grammar and be straight to the point contain your tags and your title if possible . If your publishing a guide post a quick list of steps , And finally if your publishing a game review put your score out of ten in the description and what your reviewing its simple.

The Thumbnail image used for your video is equally important as the rest , This will be either your first middle or last snippet from your video . Make sure your video is designed to incorporate this , Imagine your trying to sell ice cream on youtube and your picture is of manure you get the point. A good example is of my bilge advert HERE , The middle of the video simply says LOTS OF POE . when users are searching for a bot about ypp what is their ultimate aim? , To advance further in-game acquire wealth so "LOTS OF POE" fits that niche .

Really view,like/flags,comments all fall under COMMUNITY . But they all require thinking about, Views are a strong point for Youtube to refer you to the first page , more views simply means more interest people want to watch your videos. so youtube will promote this. There are many ways to get views probably the best ways are through sites such as this one , any video embedded externally will count as a view so post it around (in short hand market it!). However having done this views don't count for everything and they will be slow at first so worry about the other things.

Likes and flags will help you promote your video mainly because if someone is "Liking" your comment then usually it means that its good material to promote in youtubes eyes. On the flip side of this is flagging too many flags on your video and people will not want to watch it or just join in the the "trolling" or so to speak . In a worst case scenario if your video receives too many you may even have to re-upload it . To get likes its simple just create original quality content and nothing offensive , i usually steer away from points like religion or politics. Although funnily enough this can also make your youtube video watched by the masses just be smart about it.

Comments , subscribers and community both tie into one, People are going to want to share their opinion for your video hopefully in a positive way. Youtube also picks up on how active your community base is , This means subscribers friends and comments . If you have plentiful subscribers and friends they will re-visit your channel and comment. This is IMPORTANT as this is where you will get your constant views from and you should aim to build up your subscriber base and friends base for your channel. however don't go around adding everyone and anyone choose people from your niche this means they are interested in your content more easily.

The video content itself , Why have i left this till the end you may ask? . Simply because youtube cannot "read" your video so it doesn't directly affect your search results . However if your video is of bad quality it makes everything else in this guide meaningless and pointless .

All in All it takes a long time to build up your channel receive the views , the comments and everything else that comes with it. So don't expect it to all come instantly be patient and you'll succeed. you never know in the future it may PAY off if you know what i mean.

Now hopefully this will help people or inspire people , Any grammar mistakes be sure to let me know so i can review and alter them.

made by phoenix for the buypoe community