Quite often, when I am surfing the web I come across websites that look like they have been frozen in time. Nothing moves, changes or is different to when I visited a few days before. This guide will teach you a few basic ticks and techniques to help you’re site look fresh and active.

1. Update your content. This is especially important if people are going to buy or sell from your site, or are reading information. A games site or tutorial could maybe get away with this, but you should still keep content fresh. This doesn’t have to be a 1000 word essay every day, a simple message or post or a short update will do.

2. Many sites could do with a healthy dose of JavaScript. By adding things that change to your site (e.g. date, time, different background colour each time you visit) it makes it much more interesting. Remember your goal is to make people want to come back. That is where profit lies! Also not too much, I HATE sites that are too bright and flashy. The use of cookies can also be useful. You may be able to display a welcome message with their name.

3. Encourage members to join. This is especially important if you’re a forum or blog. For example Buypoe makes links only visible to members. This is especially good because people may have come across it on Google, and be desperate to find out where the important link goes and what is on the other end. People subscribing to your newsletter or occasional email is also good, you can always drag them back to your site with a carefully constructed email.

4. Put a feedback or comments box below your article. This is a great way of making things look new without having to change the website very often. Visitors will do it for you. Make sure that feedback is good though. If it is bad, make note of it, sort the problem out then delete it (if possible).

5. Finally and most importantly, make sure your website is unique. The content on it shouldn’t also be on Wikipedia, or any other site. If you’re sites is unique everyone who wants’ the information, HAS to come to you. Make sure people will want what you write; no one wants to read about the post office in your town.

Follow all these tips, and hopefully your site will start to look new and fresh all the time!