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    Guides Index

    Index List of Guides:

    Make Money Online Guides :

    Survey's by y0mannn :

    MegaTypers by Pain : by Pain :

    Misc Guides :

    Youtube SEO Marketing by Phoenix :

    Guide to Good Looking Websites by Cybernator :

    Guide to Fresh and Active Looking Websites by Cybernator :

    Puzzle Pirates Puzzle Guides :

    Swordfighting by Laxus :

    BattleNavigation by Laxus :

    Sailing by Mehfailz x3 :

    Swordfighting (drop patterns) by Fosforic :

    Swordfighting by LastPoESeller:

    Puzzle Pirates Misc Guides :

    Ultimate Crew Building by Wastedbro :

    How NPC's are affected by our attacks by LastPoESeller :

    (Money Making) Where Dem Clothes at by LastPoESeller :

    (Tips) How to win at All In or Fold by LastPoESeller :

    Botting on a citadel 100k/day by LastPoESeller :

    How to Untaint your PC by Sharpie :

    How to move stock on a sloop without stationing by MightyMan :

    How to post an error/fix your error by Scarecrow :

    Virtual PC Guides :

    VirtualPC by y0mannn :

    VirtualBox by Kandor :

    Will Add More when more guides are added, please PM me if I missed someone's or you want to add something!
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    this is nice, but underline looks incredibly bad. Change that and then this is awesome!

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    It shall be done!

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    Much better! Looks great my friend, and very useful, thanks!

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    Is there a guide on running IM's? I really want to learn. Been trying for the longest

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