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Thread: Manually change MAC [PIC HEAVY]

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    Manually change MAC [PIC HEAVY]

    This guide will explain how to manually change your MAC address. This helps extremely well in Ban Evading because if you use a program that only covers up your mac address (TMAC) you can sometimes still be banned for evasion.

    Step 1.
    Begin by going to start, type in run and type cmd.

    Step 2.
    Type getmac
    and press enter, this will give you your current MAC.

    Step 3.
    Next open Control Panel, then Network and Internet, and finally Network and Sharing Center

    Step 4.
    Click 'Local Area Connection'
    Then 'Properties'
    Then 'Configure'
    And finally 'Advanced" tab

    Step 5.
    Click 'Network Address'
    Enter a value similar to your current MAC exept change 1-2 numbers (Make sure if it is a number change it to a number, and if it is a letter, change it to another letter, A-F I think)

    This will reset your connection and usually give you a new IP address aswell.

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    I'd suppose to feel safer.

    Good guide mate
    though, this doesn't work on a wireless card I don't think

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    I cleaned up your thread because the argument wasn't really needed.

    Very nice guide and great contribution!
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    Nice guide!
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