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    NEVER get BAN evasion from today {Untaint method}

    This method only works for Windows 8 to 10

    No more ban evasions from today

    Step 1- Go to Settings > Search for "Reset this PC" and select it

    Step 2- Select "Get Started"

    Step 3- Choose "Remove Everything"

    Step 4- Choose "Change settings"

    Step 5- Tick both "Data Erasure" and "Data Drives" ON > Then hit Confirm

    After your PC is reset, download java and Yohoho Installer and enjoy the game and never worry about being Banned for evasion again

    Now your windows will be reset and all your files and drives will be completely cleaned and you'll be able to play Puzzle Pirates without worrying about getting banned for evasion again, i've tried this method a year ago when i got banned for evasion and till today i DID NOT get banned and i'm a Greeter in-game currently

    NOTE* You do not need to "move places" nor "change your internet" or "change your pc name" ETC...…
    All you need to do is just fully reset your PC and you're going to be fine, ive been using the same network connection since the day I got banned for evasion and the same pc and the same place and it just doesn't matter

    Try it yourself! and you wont REGRET it i promise

    For any Questions you can add my Discord: Jebrim#1334
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    Does not work.
    Who do you think you are?

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    it does work, please try

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