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Thread: Simple Donts for safety

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    Simple Donts for safety

    Now before I start i think its safe to say that majority of us know the tricks of the foxes lurking about. So this may all be something you know. But just as a friendly reminder to newer members or even older members who may subjected to these things youll have atleast some knowledge of how to stay safe.


    First off id like to say something about a report i just recently seen about a guy trying to scam someone with team viewer. Now we all know that one needs to use this for doing stats and such but only do so with reputable members. Here are some donts for using TV.

    - Never ever log into their pc across TV ON ANY ACCOUNT not PP Supply Crate or ANYTHING. They can and most likely are key logging you.

    -Do not let them download any "Software" You do not know or even if you know do it yourself and then continue with what ever you were originally doing.

    -Do not leave your PC open freely to them. Make sure when your doing something across TV you are there to watch and make sure that they arnt going threw files and such. Make sure when you are done you exit TV completely so they cannot relog back onto your PC.


    As a general programmer and having enough knowledge to know these things are possible and happen often I would make sure you know what your downloading from anywhere obviously. But some cases vary. Some programs even like PP and Supply crate show up as harmful on my anti virus doesnt mean they are. So please take a couple minutes on google to learn the difference between a false alarm and the real deal.

    -Dont just download or open software your "Mate" has sent you! Even if its a #1 Capable Sailing bot.... Chances are its to good to be true.

    -They could have things such as keyloggers attached and obtain info. Or a SNG (Snatch and Grab) Which steals saved passwords from your web browsers and possibly any other commonly used files of value.

    -Leaked bots as well can be harmful. Using something thats publicly leaked can and will result in bans. Because HERA be trapping people with free bots....


    Ok so we all have a basic understanding of trading among the form. However new people show up here expecting a decent community in which it is but still have bad people lurking around looking for that one trade to scam.

    -Not really a proven fact but if you see someone whom is new on the form and you see they are selling poe for a really low rate and have no vouches chances are its a scam.

    -If you are a newbie to the form and want to go about your first purchase with someone on the form please read and do your research! Check their rep around the form. Do they have vouch es? Have they had successful transactions with other players? How should I make this transaction as safely as possible? Read other tutorials around the form they have several posted around here to help you guys have a good transaction fastley easily and most importantly SAFELY.


    -No matter what always remember things like this do happen and they can and will happen if you are not prepared for it.

    -Always do your research on the person.

    -Never do something if you dont feel comfortable.

    -If its to good to be true well i hate to say it but it probably is.

    -Not all new members selling stuff are scammers but do be more cautious.

    -New members buying or selling please be cautious of your own trades unless it is a well know or highly reputable member.


    -If your scammed please report it here so others are aware! Even though your losing something your letting others gain awareness!!!
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    Welll written i agree with everything said

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    i shall bump this cuz some of you have not read this and it shows.....

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