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    Using Hotspot Shield (premium) with Puzzle Pirates

    I currently have a hotspot shield account for when I was doing some other things.

    I thought I'd be able to use it to play puzzle pirates on an alt on a VM.
    This isn't the case.

    Somehow PP detects its a VPN?

    I can't create new accounts, it says
    "This computer has created the maximum amount of accounts"

    I can't sign in to existing accounts:
    It logs on, I get to choose my pirate then it shows the blue screen
    As if it was trying to load.

    Turned off hotspot shield and it works fine...

    Is there a solution, or, is there a VPN that does still work to hide IPs from PP

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    No, its just that the free version of Hotspot shield doesn't allow that much "traffic".

    It happened to me before,you should test other VPNs.

    On a side note: You don't need a VPN to be untainted if you have a dynamic IP.
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    I have got the premium version, hmm odd.

    Anyway sweet, thanks.

    VPN is all I've known, I can't be bothered thinking about dynamic IPs etc
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    if u play on steam i think theres a way to just delete ur log in client saved files instead of all the hard work and i think u can login after fresh free pretty sure cuz ive done it in a few games just went into steam files where the game is saved and deleted the logged character files like files for ur exact character takes like 2 secs xD plus i been banned for poker trolling swearing and did that and relogged on alts fine xD so idk.

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