Ever been a trophy collector? Never been any good at gunning, well here is a written guide on how easy it is for basically anyone of any skill level to get Incredible Gunner.

/Step 1 - Take the gunning with the navy mission
//Step 2 - Make sure the ship is in an early point of the voyage
///Step 3 - Before you hit a league point, Load all 4 cannons only with the Red and White! Do not add the cannonball to any of them yet! Then press the esc key and wait to get the duty report,(doesn't matter of speed as long as all 4 are loaded before the league point ahead of you)
////Step 4- At the league point you will get booched (this is meant to happen), when the vessel sets sail again, bring back the game board and then load all the cannons as fast as you can, then leave the puzzle and do not re-enter it. (wait for the league point)

If you followed all these steps properly, you will get the Incredible Gunner trophy, if not you will most likely get a high excellent. Just keep trying until you get Incredible, it shouldn't take long at all.

Note: This is only useful for getting the incredible gunner trophy, do not attempt to use this method to rank because it wont work.

Enjoy everyone!