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Thread: How to avoid becoming scammed when selling

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    How to avoid becoming scammed when selling

    Ok so I have had a number of unfortunate experiences when selling my poe to 3rd parties, I do not like dealing directly with clients so all my experience has been selling to a seller who would buy for a discounted price.

    The two times I got scammed, I would be paid initially and things would go pretty well. After a while, I would get excuses like "I got ripped off, the buyer did not pay for the poe" and I believed them, and proceeded to do my next sale. But then again payments would come in late. The first person I dealt with kept asking for a pay raise, to take a higher percentage cut, I would say that is a red flag. Both of these guys were extremely convincing and I felt they were trustworthy. The second one I would say bordered on psychopathy given the amount of lies that came from his mouth. He even messaged me in game, with an alt that was shamelessly spamming the inn with his services putting me at risk. Lots of similarities in the way he talked and he knew my first name, yet he categorically denied all of this via skype. Even communicated through skype via mic detailing transactions and how things were going . Point is, just because someone seems very trustworthy doesn't mean they are, always cover your ass.

    So here are my tips.

    1. Manage your risk. If you have a lot to sell split it into small orders. Don't hand your balls over on a silver platter to someone you don't know.

    2. Set boundaries, make it clear what you expect. Make sure the buyer always goes first, when selling. If selling to a seller in bulk, make this clear so that him " being scammed" is impossible. Also make it clear that if one amount of poe has been unpaid for any reason, there will be no further transactions
    until that amount has been paid. If this is the case, 99% chance you have just been scammed.

    3. Make sure that person has a lot of vouches. The first person I dealt with claimed to be associated with a known seller. I learned from this, the second seller did have vouches but I got screwed over for more than I should have because I didn't do 1 and 2.

    Potential red flags: Keeps asking for more than the agreed to price. Some of the stuff he/she says doesn't measure up, or there are a lot of contradictions. Continuously asks you how much poe you got left to sell.

    I think these tips should also help for anyone in business. So I would say I paid a relatively small price for such valuable lessons.

    Finally, I still have some poe to sell so if you have vouches or know someone trustworthy, send me a pm please. (I am selling in bulk only).
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    is there anyway to prevent paypal chargebacks?

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    Incorrect, i called paypal last week: if the money was on the paypal account(ask for a live screenshare for this) and it was gifted, there is no way to chargeback

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    If it's sent as gift, and it's a virtual item, they just instantly close the case. NO WAY that you can prove you got scammed. Nothing, not even a video is accepted evidence, as it can be faked.

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    As i said before, only if the money is on your paypal account.
    If it isn't you can stop the transaction from the bank account
    (Info I got from paypal a few days ago when I had a call to ask.)

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    All I know Is if some one is not willing to share screen shots or screens with you, And is not willing to agree to at least increments of payments through paypal as gifts their is somthing wrong, If your afraid to loose 5-10$ at a time, to some one that may or may not be trusted at any given time anyone can scam and become untrusted, Just because one may be trusted now means nothing latter, You might be able to just send over 100$ as a gift to some one one month multiple times no problems, Its going to be that one month that someone needs money or just dosent care or something happens its just life, And you end up loosing a shit ton of money sent as a virtual gift, which you will never get back, Just saying in the years ive traded on other games, and done things with virtual payments as gifts, Ive never offered a large sum of money to me that would seem either alot or a hassle to aquire back, So ive always, tried to keep my trades in fair sized increments, Because you know whats fair? is a fair trade.... No one person should loose all their ingame currency or pretty much all their real life money, over a game that any moment any nice person you known for years can just turn around and back stab ye, Just Remember simple stuff? Their posts, Their vouches, how much time they put into the forums, How professional they act or come off to you as, Any old reports on old websites, Maby ask for certain info if you want to become more comfortable with the sell/buyer, IE FACEBOOK<TWITTER<OTHER FORUM ACCOUNTS THAT ARE ACTIVE YOUTUBE< Just be safe and be smart befor all trades,
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