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    Treeby Design [Shop]

    Hello and welcome to Treeby Design.
    I'm Treeby (obviously) and I really enjoy doing graphic design and want to get better as well as make a small profit as well
    Below are examples of my work, a form to give me a idea of what you would like, and pricing.

    Please post a filled out copy of this when you make your request to give me a idea of what you would like (we can talk more as well) so I can give you the best artwork I can.

    Type of artwork:
    Name (if applicable): 
    Main idea:
    Link to images you want included (if applicable):

    All prices negotiable PM me or add me on skype (TreebyNATION)

    That 20 image limit really cuts down on the examples so feel free to PM me for more.


    I made most of my signatures for a game called Battlefield Heroes, the forum had a weird thing where you had to make the background of your sig the forum color so I apologize for the weird tan behind some of these images



    Lastly HERE is a link to a TF2 shop ad I made
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    Your work is really good, maybe you should head over to the actual puzzle pirates forum because you can sell avatars/signatures there. And enter competitions to make portrait backgrounds and other things to win familiars etc.

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    pretty cool stuff you got here =)

    i can vouche that your work is of decent quality!

    with that said i would like to possible purchase a matching signature and avatar set! PM me

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    Making a bot? I can do the GUI I for you! Message me on skype or pm me

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