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Thread: Latest Photoshop Creation!

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    Latest Photoshop Creation!

    Since i haven't posted anything in this forum in a very long time, i thought i would post my newest creation!
    -feel free to comment with your opinions-

    I thought it was very interesting that it has a very thought provoking essence to it. In a sense, it is at the same time sad as it is cooly introspective. Almost like the moment when man recognizes time's pull or mastery over us.

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    Sorry but I think that the time is wrong.
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    That is some great work man, keep it up.
    I think you could have added a little more highlight/lighting to the pupil.

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    Great job. Well done.
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    Not bad. I think there are many options of things to put in eyes like this, you should explore them

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    I agree with klaverklav above me, I suggest trying a different combination of what to put in the eye.
    It isn't nesissarily a problem in my opinion, but the purple doesnt suit the image within.

    Otherwise, very nicely done.

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    First off thank you for the CC! This is how I improve my work so it is greatly appreciated!
    For the reasons for changing the hue of the eye, I did this to give it a more "dreamy" affect, I tried using blues and greens that are more realistic, but while looking at it, it seemed to be very off considering there is a clock in the eye, I though it was more elegant to put a very subtle purple than anything else!

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