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    [Free] Dalton's GFX

    Hey guys I was debating whether or not to start making these signatures for people but in the end I dedicated why not!
    There are a few rules that I must get out there before you even think about posting for me to make you anything.

    1.) Respect my work (If you don't like it don't use it)
    2.) Do not troll on my post (If you do it will be brought up to a moderator and actions will be taken)
    3.) If you like the signature I make you then you may leave a vouch for me
    4.) I am in no way shape or form saying that you must leave me a vouch nor am I asking or begging for vouches
    5.) Respect all members on my thread

    Signature Application:
    Time you need / want it done by (If you don't care just put N/A)-

    If you did want to vouch for me than you can go here ---->

    Vouch for me here

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    Can I get the text - oojava
    color - green
    time whenever you can?

    other notes:
    Thank you.
    can the o's be the letter not the number?

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