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    Her0's Signature and Avatar Shop

    Hey guys, another service I will be creating free signature and avatar services. I am not the best, but I can gurantee a product that is of potential value. If you are interested in a signature or avatar, please fill this form out and re-post it.

    Size: (Width)px/(Height)px
    Color Scheme: (If one, I work better w/o one)
    Text: (What to say and where, centered, etc)
    Renders: (Graphcis I should use, use better with some)
    Anything else I should know: (Notes)

    SCARED TO USE MY SERVICE? - Her0's Vouch Thread
    Quote Originally Posted by The Menstruating Unicorn View Post
    I sold him 300k worth of poe and he went first. Very good trader.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kandor View Post
    Sold him 500k worth of PoE and he went first, very trustworthy and quick trade. Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHappyMan View Post
    sold him a tan octo for money he went first. very trustworthy. this time was a little bit slow.... but safe I vouch for him
    Quote Originally Posted by stelko89 View Post
    i sold him 300k fast and easy
    Past work can be foundhere.


    Avatar --> 50k PoE or $2
    Signature --> 100k PoE or $4
    Avatar + Signature Combo --> 125k or $5
    Thread Layout --> 100k PoE or $4

    If you need anything other than whats listed above, then please contact me via Skype and we can work out a price according to the job at hand.

    Skype - CMFiend420 *PREFERED CONTACT*
    Email -
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    Size: same as my current one Color Scheme: you pick Text: MRT,centered, Renders: YOU PICK Anything else I should know: I'm basically asking to design it and use your imagination

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    :O Do you want to fight me?

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    My graphics skills has vastly improved since this point in time, will now be making signatures and avatars for PoE (or $$ if preferred).

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