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    Learning to code etc

    How difficult is it, would you recommend it, etc <3
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    I learnt some basic java, in the space of 1-2 days. Made my own bot for RS before the nuke. It is quite easy to do depending on who you are and if you're self taught or getting tutored.
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    If you decide on a well documented language, (C/C++/C#/Java ect) then it is not hard to find resources & tutorials on the internet. Some people just don't like programming, but if you do then it can take a few weeks to properly learn the basics. If you already know another language, it is easy to learn another, as things just have different names. For well known languages you can often solve your problems by searching. If you want to make complex programs (bots included) the hardest part is not the input & output) but the algorithm and logic. Programming can require a very large amount of logic, meaning you have to be good at that.

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    It's not all that difficult to learn the basics, it's when it comes to bots that makes it hard.

    I really recommend learning, it's heaps of fun.

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    To program isn't difficult. To program well is difficult and takes a shit load of time and motivation/dedication.

    If you have time and can actually stick to learning something then I say go for it. If you tend to stop something out of frustration when you can't get it right or it's too overwhelming, don't even bother trying to program.

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