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Thread: Program learning

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    Program learning

    I'm atm taking a programming course at school and I'm learning C. I already learned varaibles, strings, structs, most basic so what should I go next? I'm trying to get ahead of the stuff.

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    Then your ready to make a bot!

    Actually on second thought, try something simple out then go hard. What are you trying to code? Any specific game?


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    ATM I'm not coding nothing, last thing I worked on was this:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int main() {
    char username[12];

    while (1) {
    printf("username: ");
    scanf("%s", username);
    if (strlen(username) > 10)
    printf("2 Much Letters\n");

    printf("username is %s\n", username);

    return 0;

    I hope this gives you something to know on how Iam atm...

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    Also give me that website, I was going to take a look at it but you took it out

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    Out of curiosity, to what extent has/will your course gone/go into structs?

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    Just doing a simple struct t'ill now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    Then your ready to make a bot!
    I wanna see you make a bot with only this then Chrome...

    Quote Originally Posted by HowInteresting View Post
    varaibles variables, strings, structs
    So that means no color recognition (RGB), No Multi-Threading (Not really necessary but a good tool to have) , No idea on how to do AI's, and lets face it... they aren't the easiest things in the world to understand straight away.

    If you could make a bot with just those things.... majority of Bot-Supply would be Bot Coders. (Including Face.)

    My Opinion if you want to make a bot : Watch Schalk's video on colour detection. :

    Learn it and master it. Then learn how to return RGB from a point on your screen, Google is your best friend there... Or the NotionLib file, I think you can get from E-Z, not sure if there was ever a link here.

    Then learn AI's.

    If you just wanna get ahead of your class, I suggest mastering the stuff you are learning and going through it in greater detail. People think they know C# but in reality they have not even touched some of the things it can do. Look at some online tutorials and do some of the stuff there.
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    I know I don't have the abilities to yet make a bot, I'm trying to go to the next step from what I am at the moment. But thanks I'll take a look at it, I worked a little with RGB colour on a webcam too but that was with a program already built..

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