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    Wanting to start learning how to program

    I was wanting to learn how to program, and so on, make a tool for puzzle pirates that use image detection.

    In this case, I want to ask any1 the following so it could help me :

    1) What program to use & what language to learn?
    2) How to avoid getting banned using this tool (image detection; no auto mouse movement)
    3) Any guides I could follow?
    4) Do I have to create a gui for a bot to work? if its that so any program for that & tutorial you could recommend me?

    Thanks for your atention, pm me if you are willing to help me
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    I would suggest Java is you are just starting to code.
    There are multiple tutorials for image detection online.
    I would say looking into Discrete mathematics, and graph theory > Following guides.
    And, a GUI helps for use, but command line is much better for debugging imo.

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    (1) Any IDE except NetBeans, any mainstream language
    (2) Don't do insta mouse movement i guess
    (3) See Dan's comment
    (4) Don't need GUI

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    1) Java is my recommendation, it's relatively easy to pick up
    2) If using automated movement, use bezier curves and vary the control points (still yet to be banned with this) - tutorial on beziers here:
    3) There's no guides really. Perhaps try MIT's lectures to get a foundation in Computer Science:

    Introduction to programming:
    Mathematics for Computer Science:

    4) No GUI is necessary.

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    Thanks, wanted to start learning Java anyways this will be cool to get up with my idea maybe, other question, the first project I want to do, is to get an img and link it to a img I would have, does this get detected by Puzzle Pirates as a bot? Anyways thanks for your answer!

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