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    Securing My Bot?

    I am the owner of a bot, but would like to get it secured and on some sort of authentication key system. Is there anyone here who can help? Would compensate you.

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    What kind of bot if I may ask?

    Im just curious, I got no coding knowledge, lel.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Simplest method I can think of is just to create a login form that connects to an SQL server. That's pretty secure as long as you salt/hash your passwords and don't store them in plain text.

    You would also need to obfuscate your program to prevent decompiling. There are some free ones out there but you should do some research to find the most secure one.

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    Ask Face.
    Apparently, in order to remain anonymous, you need a username that has no relativity to yourself whatsoever.
    That explains mine.

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    PM me your Skype.

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    put it into a blender, i like milkshakes

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    my mate and I attempted a pvp sf bot last year and decided not to release it to anyone but real life mates because of the decompiling possibility, and obviously with something this unique you cant take that risk. So what he did was get a vps that users connect to, players get their board sent to the server shortened with a key so i think its 18 characters of data, server dekeys it, calculates the move, sends a key back, client dekeys it. Bot performs move.. Obviously it would be better on the client but this way was really cool to see in action and made the code totally safe. It just depends on how secure you want it, personally I absolutely loved this method. You can use a simple client/server chat for transferring the data, thats what we did, that side of things took about a day to polish. Alot of the freely available anti-decompiling crap doesnt even work well, it just makes it hard to read but its still possible to understand to an extent. Sorta not what you were asking but just thought i'd give you the idea, it works good!

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    This is also my problem and I couldn't find the answer even here !

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