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    Hyper ranking bot

    Hi Bot-supply,

    I remember in the past there was a hyper ranking bot that was private, it was passed around quite a bit.
    It became non functioning after an interface update released by YPP during 2012.

    Is there any demand for something like this and does it comply with bot-supply terms?

    Logic testing with SCAR Div.
    Final public release in JAVA and obfuscated.
    Can I get a mod to test it?


    [ x ] Turn about between league point and port.
    -stationed and unstationed (interface difference)
    [ x ] Abandon station at condition (sparkling indicator > 45 seconds)
    [ x ] Restation on specified station (restation between random intervals 45-100 seconds)
    [ ] Anti bans. (Curve mouse movement interferes with the bots that are running when trying to turn about and abandon stations, are there any other safe anti bans that are public?)
    [ ] Debugging stat increases / decreases with time and indicator status saved to log file.
    [ ] Possibly a neat little signature like WFT has that lists Ultimate stats obtained with how long it took to achieve and at what experience it was recorded.

    Need some feed back whether this is helpful to the community or even wanted.
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    Passed around quite a bit and private mean two separate things...

    No, Bot-Supply had production of their own (much better) Hyper-rank bot by Phantom a few years ago, It was stopped just prior release due to how ridiculously over-powered it was (It made every bot #1 attainable..). I'm more than happy to take a look at it and help you improve it, but not release on Bot-Supply. You can find me on Skype at: TheScarecrow-BotSupply.


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    Sorry about that I posted this thread pre morning coffee.
    I just know I had access to an amazing bot that was never widely published, but a group of people passed it around to their comrades.

    I will definitely add you on Skype. I need all the help I can get.

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    Didn't PP nerf hyper ranking anyway?

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    How exactly would this bot work? Just curious on what it does to be clear.
    Yes, I am notthe OM.

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