Hello Bot Supply,
I'm a skilled Battlefield Heroes player that needs to make a little side money. I can level your heroes to level 30 quickly and guarantee that your KDR will be 2+. I use no hacks so you have no fear of being banned.

With no XP Boosts or Basic XP Boost
Levels 1-8 = 75 cents a level
Levels 8-15 = $1.25 a level
Levels 15-25 = $1.50 a level
Levels 25-30 = $3 a level
Or all for $35

With Supreme XP Boost
Levels 1-15 = 75 cents a level
Levels 15-25 = $1 a level
Levels 25-30 = $2.50 a level
Or all for $28

I also charge a extra $5 to purchase the correct weapons if you don't have them.

If you want to be leveled as quick as possible you can choose to buy my Xtreme level pack and I will dedicate my time to solely leveling up your hero.

PM to discuss further

Also I am selling one of my many alts that with this coming up I don't feel like leveling up to level 30 then selling. He was my first alt when I first started playing and I never really spent time on him so I am selling him for cheap.

Name: NinAngel
Level: 11
KDR: 2.3
Class: Soldier
Faction: National
Weapons: Uber LR Pistol, Uber SMG (AK 74 skin), steel hand grenade (Please note these are the best weapons possible)

He also has some clothes. PM me if you are interested in purchasing the account or want proof of ownership.

Any questions I will be glad to answer in this thread!