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    Coding service, color detection

    Greetings good sirs and ma'ams,

    I am lazy and therefore willing to pay someone to code boring stuff for me. What I want is an algorithm that is capable of accurately reading the complete state of the duty navigation puzzle board, using color detection.

    This is what I want:
    • An 3x8 array (representing the board) containing the pieces (by color) and nulls in empty slots
    • An 3x8 array (representing the board) containing the constellation slots (by color) and nulls in empty slots
    • The color and column of the piece currently being dropped onto the board
    • This information should be retrieved by one function call and should be retrieved in no more than 100ms.

    The code must be easily portable to C++ and any color codes must be in 0xBBGGRR hexadecimal form.

    I'm willing to pay $100 for this algorithm should it fit the requirements I've given. By paying for this service I own the rights of the code, meaning it may not be published or shared in any way, obfuscated/encrypted or not. What you do with it privately is none of my concerns.

    This offer will remain until I've purchased an algorithm, or enough time has passed and it no longer interests me. For formality's sake, I have decided this will no longer interest me after the 15th of April. Meaning if you come to me before 15th of April with an algorithm that fits the requirements I promise to buy it. Any time after that I may still buy it, but no promises.

    Please ask any questions relevant to this offer. Don't bug me about some "navigation bot", whatever what would be. I'm simply requesting this service because I have a fetish for color detection algorithms.

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    I have a bitmap find algorithm that can take a screenshot and locate a given bitmap file on the image, returning a set of all coordinates at which they are found. If you want access to the C++ source, PM me and I'll github it.

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    Lol Yeah i have that too, its freee. XD

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    Fetishes for color detection... So etc on nav bot?
    new life, who this

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