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    Selling League of Legends Account NA / Level 30. Tons of champs/skins.

    As the title suggests, I'm selling a League of Legends account that is currently in NA servers.
    It is level 30 with tons of champions and skins.
    I have put a lot of time into the game, and the account itself.
    I want to be as thorough as possible for anybody that is interested in buying it.

    There are currently 89 Champions on the account.


    LE Skins (Cool Stuff)
    -Underworld Twisted Fate
    -Definitely Not Blitzcrank
    -TPA Ezreal
    -Dragon Knight Mordekaiser
    -Nightmare Cho'Gath
    -Regifted Amumu
    -Mistletoe Leblanc

    Ultimate (3250) ($25 Skin)
    -Spirit Guard Udyr ( skin + profile background + icons)

    Legendary(1820) ($15 Skin)
    -Demonblade Tryndamere

    Uncommon (1350) (3) (4050 RP) (approx $28 of skins)
    -Full Metal Jayce
    -Arcade Hecarim
    -Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

    Common (975) (7) (6825 RP) (approx $47 of skins)
    -Pool Party Lee Sin
    -Oktoberfest Gragas
    -Muay Thai Lee Sin
    -Lord Darius
    -Full Metal Pantheon
    -Dragonslayer Vayne
    -Battle Bunny Riven

    -Decent skins (750) (3) (2250 RP) (approx $18 of skins)
    -Rugged Garen
    -Dragon Slayer Jarvan lV
    -Blood Moon Shen

    Ugly Skins (520) (7) (3640 RP) (approx $30 of skins)
    -Traditional Lee Sin
    -Tango Evelynn
    -Lochness Cho'Gath
    -Hired Gun Graves
    -French Maid Nidalee
    -Commando Garen
    -Chosen Master Yi

    I have valued the account on an lolcalculator(Google it if you will) It is currently valued at 1231 LAP(League Account Points) without the skins which is approx $110. Total skin value is about $160(Not including LE Skins). Do the math and the account is worth around $270. (excluding LE Skins) I am willing to sell for considerably less. Serious offers only please.
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