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    Selling EU WoW account

    Selling a World of Warcraft account. Here are the details :
    2 seperate accounts to the one email.
    a Wratch of the Lich King (not too much going on, Not active nor high characters)
    and Cataclysm (Limited Edition set) (currently Active, Annual pass) + means Diablo 3 Comes free with it

    (all these characters are on "EarthenRingEU"
    about 15k+ at LEAST worth in items (storage alt with lots of mats) Also some gold, not too much, but not checked all the chars
    Character Levels :
    85 Druid Restro/feral (main)
    -this character has Vial of Sands, 367 ilvl, all world events done, (66 mounts)Tyrael's Charger, travelling rocket, Traveller tundra + bunch of other random proto's etc
    -63 random pets
    -7195 Achievement Points
    -Exalted with Guild also, friendly etc, well known

    85 Paladin Prot/Ret
    85 Death Knight blood/unholy
    60 Mage
    60 Priest
    64 Hunter
    5 rogue (Bank storage - 4 tabs)

    *NOTE! before the trade is 100%, you need to Pay upfront, and also change the subscription so i can remove my Bank details! Within my view

    Their is more details, can how via TV etc

    Skype : Fortune-Cookie69
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