I'm selling slots on my ranked teams for end of season rewards. Once you are on the team you will be on there for the remainder of the season and will not be removed. Prices are negotiable and I can see about doing diamond teams or gold teams if there is interest. These slots are on the NA server.

Last Season's Plat rewards.
  • Platinum forum badge
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Platinum banner trim in summoner profile
  • Platinum border on the game loading screen
  • Platinum summoner icon for each queue in which you are Platinum tier

PM me for my contact and mods can get proof that I can provide the ranks I am offering if they want. I can also boost in soloq but it is a lot more expensive and I don't play on MMR capped accounts. I prefer accounts that haven't done their provisional games yet or are in silver 1.