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    to any Webmasters, website creators, etc out there

    Hey guys.

    I have an account running with which is a web registrar company. They charge around 9 USD per year per domain. A year ago I created an account and registered two domains: and I then added $46 dollars in funds to my account (that cannot be added back into a paypal account or anything). I would like to sell this entire account, including both domains as I never really ended up doing much with them. It currently has 46 USD in funds sitting in there that you can use towards registering any domains you want.

    Email me at ,which is the only thing I check

    The point of me selling this is essentially to get rid of these 2 domain names that I do not use as well as get my $46 dollars in value back, which is just sitting there.

    I will sell either via Paypal, or for Puzzle Pirates PoE.


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