Not really sure if this is the right place to put this thread, but I'm offering custom signatures.
PM me with any questions but I'm offering signatures for any forum you might like. Prices are negotiable, but I prefer PoE, generally about 5k-10k if you are satisfied with the final product. Freebies will probably NOT be given out, but it's a possibility. PM me with any ideas you might have for what you want, or just to tell me you want one.

Recent ones for friends: (small sizes, click the images for larger. but the idea is there my sig counts too :P). PM me with any questions or to comission one.

Posting guidlines:

Colors desired (I will try to stick to these but in the end I might change them)
Background color (if black is not desired)
Font type (if not added with a DOWNLOAD LINK TO THE FONT) I will just go on a whim.
Deadline date (if whenever, put whenever you get to it or something like that)