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    Talking Trading *MINECRAFT* Account for Meridian Things.

    I have two minecraft accounts to be sold.

    I only want in-game items on the Meridian Ocean.


    • PoE (335k)
      Dubloons (120 dubs)
      Ships ( Varies )
      1 Familar (Unamed Preferably)

    ~~Please Note~~

    • One Account only per list above.
      You will be going first. (Non-negotiable)
      Willing to do MM.
      Above List is also Non-Negotiable.

    Numbers Above Calculated Like so:

    • PoE: 120 dubs x 2792
      Dubs: 25.95 dollars worth of dubs.

    Post Below Or Message me for more information or questions!

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    To be honest you require alot for a minecraft account, when i know a forum (Most likely alot of botters know that forum) giving tons out for free

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    Yeah but im Poor so im trying to sell both of them. :P

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