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    Xbox360 Modern Warfare 3 AimBot?

    I'd like one, willing to pay. I don't own a j-tag, and not looking to buy a j-tag, looking for a system where I can put the bot onto my flashdrive. If anyone can even direct me to a WORKING free one, I'll pay them for that, hit me up.

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    For any aimbot you WILL need to j tag your console, their isn't any in existence that just fits onto a flash-drive.

    If your stupid or if i think your stupid please follow this link: (Link)

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    I'll give you one for free, then laugh at your banned account. :P

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    mw3 aimbot's get banned automatically after one match your gone... on the other hand mw2 you can sometimes get away with it... but why you need a aimbot? learn to play the game and get good instead of constantly cheating in your life make a change

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