Hi guys,

I was looking for a way to sell my account and found this forum ...

Selling Spiral Knights account:
- Non-steam account
- The account have own e-mail
- Very popular char, Lockdown 1st week 1 time, Lockdown TOP 10 week 6 times
- Pro Set for Lockdown PVP Tier 3 (5 stars)
- Pro Set for Lockdown PVP Tier 2 (3 stars)
- Hybrid Set for PVM

Skolver cap (UV Max Shadow +Accessories Military Mecha Wings, Toasty Party Hat) | Divine Veil | Ancient Plate Helmet | Dusker Cap
Skolver coat (UV Max Shadow) | Ancient Plate Mail | Dusker Coat
Grey Owlite Shield | Barbarous Thorn Shield | Crest of Almire (UV Shadow Low) | Ancient Plate Shield | Swiftstriker Buckler
Barbarous Thorn Blade (UV ASI High) | Gran Faust (UV ASI High) | Gran Faust CTR (UV CTR Very High) | Divine Avenger (UV ASI High) | Divine Avenger (UV CTR High) | Acheron (UV CTR Med) | Sealed Sword (UV ASI Med) | Swift Flourish (UV Construct High) | Nightblade | Shockburst Brandish
Polaris (UV ASI Med) | Argent Peacemaker (UV Shadow Low) | Kilowatt Pulsar
2x Penta-Heart Pendant | 2x Tri-Heart Pendant
Blue Chapeau | Blue Tabard (+Accessory Ghostly Aura) | Sniped Stranger Hat (+Accessory Fancy Party Blowout) | Metal Sonic Mask | Plasmatech Bombhead Mask | Plasmatech Demo Suit (+Accessory Ghostly Aura) | 6 Bombhead Masks | Prismatic Frosted Helm

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