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    Black Desert Account! Mid-Game (DK, WIZARD, WITCH!)

    56 Dark Knight, 57 Wizard & 57 Witch

    This is what happens to someone who is indecisive about choosing a main.

    SKYPE: ender.pro3


    T8 Horse with Drift, Sprint, Instant Accelerate, S: Instand Accelerate, S: Lateral Moving & more.

    Over $400 Spent on pearls!

    Pet Hedgehog (Value $40) that gives you a chance to double resources you gain when gathering

    Pet Penguin & Pet Polar Bear for reducing fishing time.

    6 Total Pets

    Epheria Sail Boat

    3 Boss Gear (Tri (+18) Kzark Kriegsmesser, +10 Muskan's Shoes, +8 Bheg's Gloves)

    1.5bil Current Market place value! 500mil in pure silver!

    Each character has at least one combat exp pearl outfit!

    215 Energy, 261 Contribution Points

    2 Maids (1 Storage, 1 Marketplace)

    About 200+ DP/ 150 AP (No awakening)

    Master in Cooking & Processing

    3900 Pearls!

    Wizard Pearl outfits & Costumes:

    Kibelius Set B (No Weapons)
    Premium Set Lord Red
    Da-Dum Diving Set
    Canape Cooking Set
    Karki Suit Processing Set

    Witch Outfits & Costumes:

    Kibelius Set B (No Awakening weapon)
    Labreve Set (Premium)
    Fishing Set

    Dark Night Outfit:

    Sin Terna Outfit

    SKYPE: ender.pro3

    Feel free to ask me any other questions about the account!

    Looking for $150 USD

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    holy shit

    i loved this game

    but stopped playing after quest #4000

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    Quote Originally Posted by erik View Post
    holy shit

    i loved this game

    but stopped playing after quest #4000
    You must have really wanted max energy X)

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