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    Personal League of Legends Account

    I have not played League on any of my accounts lately (barely 5-10 games for the past 2~4 months - only played those matches because I felt bad for leaving my account inactive).

    All my accounts are my very own personal accounts that I have put every single second on, that none has ever had any access to other than myself - completely legitimate & hand-leveled accounts.
    I have my main + 3 smurfs, although I sold one of the smurfs for a Runescape Account (19th of February, 2017 - The buyer can vouch for me as we have still kept somewhat in touch; they went first if that matters).
    I have been planning to sell at least one of my accounts (even if it is my main) for preferably PoE.

    Server: EUW

    Almost all of my accounts are formerly Diamond (unranked this Season because, as I mentioned, I have not played League on any of my accounts lately). All of my accounts have INSANELY High MMR and I guarantee you that you will never reach below Platinum even after a total catastrophe in the Placement Matches.

    Summary of the accounts~

    Main: All Champions, all runes you will ever need, 12K+ Extra IP, DOZENS of Skins (200~300+). Diamond Border with INSANE MMR & Win-Rate. All-in-all just sick account.

    1st Smurf: 80~90+ Champions. All runes you should ever need. Decent amount of IP (not sure how much exactly). A couple of sweet skins for certain champions. Diamond Border with INSANE MMR & Win-Rate

    SOLD! -> 2nd Smurf: Approximately 95 Champions. All runes you should ever need. 5K+ IP. A couple of decent skins for certain champions. Quite the old account. Platinum Border.

    3rd Smurf: Less than 20 Champions owned (Kha'Zix OTP + Kha'Zix-related Summoner Name). Runes should not be an issue. Not sure how much IP. No purchased skins. Diamond Border with INSANE MMR & Win-Rate. The sort of account that would be the cheapest but very flashy because of the Diamond Border + Insane MMR & Win-Rate.

    I can provide with specific details if you are interested.
    I am open to reasonable offers. I am not expensive (I am rather very cheap), nor am I greedy. But do not take full advantage.

    I prefer Puzzle Pirates PoE, but would perhaps accept other Payment Methods (just perhaps).
    I do NOT use PayPal. I stopped using PayPal since ages ago (11th of November, 2015).

    I have Skype or Discord if necessary.

    Let me know.
    Thank You.

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    OSRS is offline


    Let me know if you are interested!
    Thank You.

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