Selling whit a 50% discount empy websites to you, the 3 years contract cost 42$ but the final cost for you whit this promotion will cost 21$.

The pay metod I have is "Payoneer".

Send me a PM if you are interesated whit the name of the website what you want.

How I will give the website to you?

Easy, I will make a GMAIL (Easy to remember to you) whit a password, I will do the 3 years contract and I will give you the GMAIL whit the password, please change the password and put "Two Step Login", later I will give you the "Domain provider" (Of course you page will be .com) where you can build your website, you will get for free a Website Builder Plus (If you dont know nothing about HTML, C++, PHP) for 30 days, after that you need to pay 4,99$Month (Not to me, to the provider).


Do you have questions?

Dont worry Tell me.