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    Selling Websites that Make Money

    Now, I doubt any of you will understand any of this but I thought I'd offer it here incase we have a smart egg or two who can A. Afford this service or B. Think ahead and plan for the future.

    Because of that fact, I don't want to write out a large sales thread so here are the basics:

    Selling Amazon Affiliate Websites
    - Basically sites make to promote Amazon products and when they sell you make a % off each sale
    *Sites make between $300 - $500/month once they rank on google.
    You wont make any money for the first 2-4 months, but after that, it's all autopilot and you don't need to think about it. you just collect a fat check each month.
    Sites take me 1-2 weeks to make.

    Sites start at $1,000.

    If you cant afford it, i would prefer if you didn't even contact me with questions, if you can afford it, feel free to contact me and we can talk about what I do and get you all the details you need. I do have clients I do this for and a sales thread going up on one the the most popular internet marketing forums on the internet.

    Payment By PayPal Only and contract signed.

    Will consider trade for accounts and PoE but I want money man.

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    Add me, EmeraldSupply on Skype. Thanks

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    Responded and had a nice talk with EmeraldSupply. I will be limiting this to 2 orders at a time from BotSupply, if it gets to that point, as I do have other distribution channels

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